Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesdays.

I've been a poor blogger lately and I apologize (even though I'm pretty sure no one reads me !), but I don't have much going on and the things I do have going on I don't want to write about on here.  So for now, enjoy this lovely Wednesday and I hope to write a real entry soon!

This week I'm loving:

Sir's doggie sitter. It's the best of both worlds for us. He gets a yard to run around in, a pool to splash around in, company while we're both at work and then he comes home & loves on us. He seems to like her, so that's good. She sends me pics/videos so I can see him during the day. Is this what it's like to have babies? lol

My dad for always looking out for his little girl. If it wasn't for his help, I'd be in trouble this week (all I'll say right now).

The fact that I am off today. I worked 8 days straight after coming back from vacation. I feel punished for taking vacation or something. I also am off Saturday/Sunday this week.

The boyfriend, the family and the silly puppy.

What are you loving this week? Go here and tell everyone!!


  1. I love when I have off of work! Cute blog background!

  2. That's a sweet picture of you and your dad!



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