Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Wednesday already? I just returned back to work yesterday after 10 days off. I'm already counting down til my next day off. I love my job but I rather stay home all day and be a stay at home wife.  Maybe one day. Not much else to update on,so I'll just tell you what I'm loving this week!

Today I'm loving:

-That Mac has started working at a job that is 30 minutes from our house. I get to have him home every night & not just Monday-Wednesday!

-That we're officially looking for a new (pet friendly) apartment.

-That our puppy is getting his exercise & love from his dog-sitter. It's only $10/day. He has a yard, 2 pups and 2 people to play with.

-Pinterest. Now that I finally took the time to sit down and play around the site. It's quite addicting.

-That it's almost time to go apple picking and have apple cider afterwards

-Bath and Body Works Mint Chocolate candle. So yummy smelling.

What are you loving this week? Visit Jamie & tell us!

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