Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Update

So this weekend was a relaxing but a good one.

Saturday I slept in til around 11 when the dog decided that he was done sleeping and so was I. So I got up, attempted to straighten the house while the dog ran around all spastic and basically getting into everything and anything. Finally I gave up and took him for a nice two hour walk.  It was a gorgeous day out. I got some exercise, the dog burnt some energy and tried to eat some sticks.

I made pepper & onion steaks with fries for dinner. It was a lazy night. Mac & I just watched TV and hung around with the pooch.

Sunday we went to a town near ours to celebrate their town. It was like a giant street fair. We had wendys for lunch and then walked into town. The dog got complimented left & right, got fed more dog treats then I care to admit. It was a fun time & we'll definitely go back next year. After that we came home and the dog passed out & I met my dad for pizza. It wasn't an exciting weekend, but if you're spending time with people, that's all that matters right?

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