Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shopping Day!

So I've been doing the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge for almost 2 weeks now & have yet to miss a day, but today is about Football & I have absolutely nothing to write about so I'll just ramble on & make some form of an entry.

I'm off today from work, it's 7am & I'm wide awake. It sucks. I am not happy about it at all. But I am going to the mall in a bit to see if I can find some jeans for the Fall. I currently have about 4 pairs that I like wearing and would like to bump it up a few more. Other than jeans I'm hoping to walk away with:

The most girly shoe ever (via their site/store is 50% off everything(!!) today)

A scarf, not necessarily this one, but a scarf (via

This adorable sweater from Forever21 (via only $18!)

Bath & Body works candles. Their minis are 3/$5

I'll be back with a post on all I got today. I'm sure you're all excited!

What's your favorite clothing store? 
What's your favorite bath & body works scent (candle or lotion)?

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