About Us

About Us

I met Mac July 16th 2005 from my ex boyfriends best friend. The 4 of us (my friend Krys, my ex's best friend Fred, Mac & I) went to KFC for dinner then back to Fred's for some drinks.  Mac & I were pretty inseparable that night, we just kept talking. If you know me, that's pretty rare. I don't talk to anyone if I don't know them well. The next morning, he had to take his mom to church, and asked me if I wanted to go, I said sure (kind of stupid being that I only knew him 12 hours at this point). Yes I met his mom 12 hours after meeting him.

Fast forward to July 30th 2005 which was our first date.  We went to the movies & saw Stealth, after we went to QuickChek for sandwiches and then went to Weehawken, NJ to walk around and see the views of NYC from there. (sidenote: I told him that my ideal date was dinner, movies and a walk on the beach, so he did the best he could to create it!)

(first pic together)

Basically we've been together since 7/16/05 and that's when we celebrate our anniversary.

He asked me to marry him on 7/14/07 (he asked me Christmas Eve 2006, but we made it official on this day)

The day we got engaged. We had our engagement photos done the same day we made it official (weird? oh well)

We've been living together since August 2008 in our tiny one bedroom apartment.

Our story is nothing fancy, but neither are we. If you asked us what we would do differently, we'd say nothing. 

Hope you enjoyed learning about us :)

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