Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Target Tuesdays

I'm linking up for Target Tuesday! This is also my 75th post here in blogger. I have to say, this place makes me feel a little more like home everyday, I'm even thinking about leaving my old writing place (opendiary.com)

welcome to target tuesday
here, i list all the fabulous things i want from target!

today, you have another opportunity to link-up!

your post can include anything found at target..
from clothes
to shoes
to makeup
to home decor..

Today I chose pet items.  As some of you may know, we got a sweet pitbull puppy a few months back and we like to spoil him a bit. So if funds were unlimited I'd get him:

He could be a 40 pound Squirrel for Halloween

No walking for our little guy, he'd trick or treat in style

He would come home after Trick or Treating & come pass out in his mansion

If he got tired of being in his mansion, he could just go lay on his sofa

We love our pup to DEATH, but I don't know if I could ever justify spending so much money on him on such ridiculous things..even if we had the money. If you treat your dog to a $400 home, I am not judging.

What would buy from Target? Link up & share


  1. swanky dog house - and i love the squirrel costume!

  2. LOVE the squirrel costume!

  3. I wish fund were unlimited too because I would get my pups the same (minus the stroller - there is NO way they would sit in it!)

    The squirrel costume is awesome! I haven't decided what to dress up my girls as yet.


  4. Omg!!! The squirrel costume!!! Hahaha!



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