Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge Day 3

3. What kind of person attracts you?

The obvious answer is Mac, but I'm trying to write more meaninful entries..

Things that attract me to Mac over the years:
1. His sense of humor.  We were laughing over something so stupid the other day while we were in the car & I told him that we could never be with other people because I'm pretty sure NO one else would laugh at the things we say and do.
2. The way he treats me. A lot of people think that he's not a good fiance because it always seems like I'm giving gas money to him or I'm paying for this and that. Not the case. In the beginning of our relationship he paid for everything and that would of stayed the same if he never lost his job(s) in the first place. He's never laid a hand on me. My Uncle thinks I should marry a white, christian boy and keep it in the same race. My mom told him once that she rather me date outside my race, faith, WHATEVER as long as he treated me well. My eyes obviously doesn't see color and I wish others didn't either. He knows how to make me laugh when I'm having a bad day and usually says the right things to make me stop crying.
3. The way he treats his nephews.  It show me the type of dad that he'll be one day. Although I think I'm going to be the bad parent that's always yelling..despite what he says.
4. He's a hard worker. Not everyone would go to a different state where you don't know anyone to work.
5. His love for Cars, Wrestling, Electronics.
6. He comes shopping with me and doesn't even complain..that right there shows he's a keeper LOL
7. He's willing to try anything once.

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