Monday, September 5, 2011

10 Day You Challenge Day 3

8 Fears:

  1.  Never being able to have kids. Not sure why, but that's been a big one for many, many years.
  2.  Losing my parents. I'm close to both of them and worry about being without them one day or them never meeting our kids.
  3.  Being alone at night at home. I just don't like it. We live in a nice area, but still. Maybe I need to stop watching so much Law & Order SVU before bed...
  4. Never being successful in life.
  5. Losing Mac. We've been together 6 years and I want to grow old with him and not lose him at an early age.
  6. Not living life to its fullest. I worry too much about money and little things that it's hard to enjoy my life.
  7. Bugs. Hate them all. Don't care what they are I hate them and will NOT kill them. 
  8. This one may sound weird, but I cannot sit inside anything/anywhere I cannot get out. I won't sit in a window seat on a plane, I won't sit inside a booth at a restaurant. I need to be able to get out.

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