Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day 4

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Fall decorating

I love Fall decorations, but I really don't decorate.  We work a lot, we're hardly ever home and frankly, we have no extra money for decorations. I'm hoping that'll change and I can slowly start buying my Fall stash. I definitely want to be one of those moms who's always decorating the house to match the season or upcoming Holiday. So instead of showing you my boring couple of fall candles or my sad & lonely pumpkin, I'll show you what I would do if I had the money. All decorations are from (where else would they be from? lol)

Can't wait to see how everyone decorates for the fall!


  1. I love the apples with candles. So cute!

  2. Love the pumpkins that say Boo! =) THanks for the comment, following you now!



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