Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Target Tuesdays

Join in here!

welcome to target tuesday
here, i list all the fabulous things i want from target!

today, you have another opportunity to link-up!
your post can include anything found at target..
from clothes
to shoes
to makeup
to home decor..

This week I'm choosing to do my Christmas Wish List. Who wants to buy me something?! 

When we were having the Halloween weekend nor'easter I could of used this to keep me warm.  
Found here

Gotta have slippers to go with the robe. 
Found here

Need to upgrade the TV in the bedroom. This benefits the ENTIRE family...see I'm willing to share my presents. 
Found here

Because I miss my iPhone, but just got a new phone, I'll take the iPod Touch..
Found here

A new bracelet. I love the one I have now, but Mac always get me jewelry every year.
Found here

What's on your Christmas Wish List?


  1. Cute! We need a new tv in our bedroom.

  2. Ahhh, love that bright pink robe!! I have one similar to it and it's seriously the most comfortable thing everrrrr!

  3. I love target. and I love how all the christmas decor is being busted out now that halloween is over! its that time of year again!


  4. I really want a pair of cowboy boots! I love the bracelet that you posted. So pretty!



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