Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend recap

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. Ours was quiet. It was just Mac dad, sir and myself. I cooked way more food than we needed but Mac and I don't need to cook for the next few days.

Friday I worked until 3 and then later I met dad for pizza. Later on Mac and I had a huge fight over something ridiculous. I had a hard time falling asleep so I wound up calling out on Saturday. I woke up not feeling good so it probably worked out for the best.
I wound up at the mall with dad for a few hours and then to outbacks.

Today Mac and I went to chipotle and then met up with dad. We wound up at tgifridays. Mac burnt his hand pretty badly on the appetizer plate so his meal was free. We lounged around and watched tv most of the night and I put up a tiny christmas tree. I may or may not put up another one.

Today we're going to look at a dog friendly apartment down the road from us. I'm hoping it'll be a match for us. Keep us in your thoughts for this place!

How was your weekend?

Please excuse the format of this entry as I'm writing from my iPad.

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