Monday, October 31, 2011

100th Post

Wow 100 blog entries! I didn't think I'd make it this far.  I started January 7th 2011 and then took a hiatus in February - July.  What can I say I'm impatient when it comes to blogging.  I want followers instantly. So when I only had 3 come February I said forget it.  I got back into it in July and I can say I'm glad I stuck with it.  I've "met" some wonderful people on here and hope to meet more.  

Because this is my 100th post I feel like I need to do something big & not just some weekend review.  So after googling "What to write on my 100th blog entry" I found that some people do 100 facts about themselves, and I'm a follower of others and think this is a fun idea. Plus it will give you more information about me. I feel like I haven't shared much about myself here we go!

  1. My name is Jamie Lee and yes, I was named after Jamie Lee Curtis. I used to hate my name when I was little, but I've grown to love it.
  2. I am the only child to Diane & John.
  3. I have two step brothers from London.  One lives with my dad & step-mom. The other lives in London. We've never met.
  4. I'm a Jersey Girl (obviously!).
  5. I've been with Mac 6 years as of 7.16.11 
  6. We're an interracial couple (he's Dominican) and we often get looks when we're out. 
  7. We have a 10 month old pitbull/lab puppy named Sir Licks a Lot (Sir for short)
  8. I've had an online journal since 2005 on and still write there.
  9. Mac & I have never been on a real vacation together.
  10. I've been with my company 5 years as of today.
  11. I work as a dispatcher for a cable contractor. I love it. Most days :)
  12. I went to a vocational school and have a certificate in Computer Programming & Web Design.
  13. Minus minor dabbling in Web design, my $12,000 certificate is pretty useless!
  14. I want to go back to school for Business Management. 
  15. My favorite foods are chicken cutlets and mint chocolate chip ice-cream.
  16. I love old shows.  I love lucy, Dick Van Dyke, Mr.Ed, Bewitched and Friends (if it's on Nick @ Nite, it's old!)
  17. I'm stuck on reality shows. Mostly Real Housewives of NY/NJ/OC
  18. I watched the entire series of Army Wives in like 5 weeks thanks to Netflix. Can't wait for the new season.
  19. Crickets creep me out. More than spiders
  20. My birthday is February 15th 1985.
  21. My birthday was supposed to be April 22, 1985.
  22. I weighed 4 pounds when I was born.
  23. I've haven't been in the hospital since I was 14 days old.
  24. I love iced coffee.
  25. I despise hot coffee.
  26. I'm a hot chocolate drinker.
  27. I try and partake in my fiance's interests.
  28. They often include going to watch WWE at the meadowlands.
  29. They also include going to car club meets and car shows.
  30. I made the dog the car club mascot.
  31. I love photography. 
  32. I want a DSLR one day.
  33. I love shopping.  
  34. On our days off you can find us at a park, movies, or the mall.
  35. I love baking, but not as much as cooking.
  36. I hate seafood, but never really tried it to know if I really hate it. Mom & dad hate it, so I must too, right?
  37. is my favorite #
  38. I LOVE empanadas & wish Mac's mom would make them more.
  39. I've never been out of the country.
  40. Unless you count Tijuana, Mexico (which I don't).
  41. I want to visit Dominican Republic, England, and Austrailia.
  42. I've traveled to NY, PA, FL, MI, CA, RI, MA and that's it. 
  43. I want to travel to all 50 states one day.
  44. I want 2 kids, maybe 3. 2 girls and a boy.
  45. Yes, we already have our girl/boys named picked out.
  46. I have a stationary problem.
  47. It runs in the family. Grandpa had pens that outlived him.  Everyone needs 9 boxes of pens at any given time ;)
  48. I wear jeans pretty much everyday.
  49. I love not having a uniform or a dress up kind of job.
  50. Sometimes I wish I had a dress up kind of job.
  51. I love heels!
  52. I do not have a drivers license. I will sometime in the near future 
  53. I have a wide variety of taste in music. From country to pop.
  54. I feel like only a woman should sing "Santa Baby".
  55. I'm a nail biter.
  56. I stopped for 3 weeks this year. Longest I ever went.  One day I'll try again!
  57. Mac & I have been engaged for quite some time and have no plans of getting married anytime soon.
  58. We live together,so it feels like we're already married.
  59. I procrastinate a lot.  (Like right now I should be cleaning!)
  60. I hate cleaning.
  61. I hate when my house is a mess.  It's a lose-lose situation.
  62. I keep my desk at work spotless. It's weird
  63. I just started using my twitter account more and more.  I blame you guys! ;)
  64. People think I'm quiet. Which is true to a certain extent. 
  65. They also think because I'm not quiet, I'm not listening. Not true. I know more about people in my office than they think.
  66. I love Christmas music.
  67. Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney is one of my favorites
  68. My clothes consist of colors in mostly black, blue, gray and pink
  69. I HATE sports.
  70. I hate going to the gym.
  71. I have to go to the gym if I want to lose weight.
  72. I will start tomorrow! I will. Promise.
  73. I love watching scary shows. Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State
  74. I won't watch alone though. 
  75. Before this year, I never had gone to a funeral.
  76. Death really comes in 3's. I sadly had my 3 between January 27th & March 27th.
  77. I have no more living grandparents.
  78. I often go to Burger King with my old-man neighbor.
  79. I've dubbed him my adopted grandpa.
  80. When I was little, they're used to be an old man down the street who I thought was mean.
  81. I found out when I was 22 he wasn't mean. Actually very friendly. I would often go and talk with him.  He knew so much and had a HUGE garden that he kept up with himself. He died 2 years ago. He was nicknamed Duke.
  82. I'm semi-claustrophobic. 
  83. I will not sit inside a booth, or in a window seat. I don't like the feeling of not being able to get out when I want to.
  84. My favorite color is pink, red & purple. 
  85. I prefer Mac clean shaven.  He tends to stay scruffy on purpose!
  86. I never have enough money.  One day..
  87. I've never broken a bone. *knocks on wood*
  88. My nickname from my dad is Monkey.  
  89. Apparently I liked to climb furniture as a baby..
  90. I had eye surgery at the age of 3.
  91. My ears have been pierced since I was 9 months old.  I'm thankful because a)I'm a wuss and b) they never close!
  92. there was is only 13 of us in my family.
  93. When Mac & I get married I'll get a huge family with it!
  94. I have very few friends. More acquaintances then anything else.
  95. My best friend and I have known each other since 5th grade.
  96. I'm glad I've started blogging and hope to continue for a long while.
  97. I've never won anything until I came to blogger. I've won two blogger giveaways.
  98. I miss having pen pals.  Anyone want to be my pen pal??
  99. I LOVE diet coke..need to get stop drinking it!
  100. My favorite charities are for the ASPCA, March of Dimes & Juvenile Diabetes
I congratulate you if you made it this far.  I hope you learned something about me! I want to thank all 44 of my followers for taking the time to read about me!

Here's to 100 more entries ;)


  1. Congratulations! I'm almost at 100 posts, too!

  2. So glad we got to "meet" thanks to this blog world! Cant wait to meet in person! We should make that happen soon! Maybe a mall trip or something

  3. wow! 100th post.. awesome.. wonder when I'll reach mine !!! love the facts abput you..

    your newest follower from the newbie blog can find me at

  4. WOOHOO!! Congrats on making 100 posts!! That's awesome! I would love to visit all 50 states one day, too, but I have A LOT to go!!

  5. congrats on the 100th! I just had mine as well! I LOVE old shows as well...when i was in middle school i spend my nights watching nick at night...i am obsessed with i love lucy and just love Dick Van Dyke, I dream of Jeanie, Bewitched, the Munsters, and the Mary Tyler Moore show!



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