Thursday, November 17, 2011

27 out of 31

27 is the number of day that I will work in the next month or so.  Thanks to MANDATORY 6 day work weeks until we get more help.  My weeks look something like this:

 Nov 17- 7am to 3pm
 Nov 18- 7am to 3pm
 Nov 19- 12pm to 8pm
 Nov 20- 12pm to 8pm
 Nov 21- 12pm to 8pm
 Nov 22- 12pm to 8 pm
 Nov 23- 12pm to 8pm
 Repeat until at least December 17th.

On top of 48 hours a week, they're also asking you to a)come in early or b)stay late.  The money is worth it with the holidays coming but I'm going to be worn out by the end of it. When am I going to Christmas shop?

I'm going to need a lot of wine in the next few weeks or else I'm going to be looking like this

Do you work a lot of hours?


  1. 6 day work weeks would be tiring! I work a lot, but I'm salary so I technically should be working 45 hours a week.

  2. Girl I totally understand! Right now I'm 6 days too. 7am - 5pm, every day. BLAH!



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