Saturday, November 5, 2011

21 Day No Junk Challenge Update

So today is day 5..I wouldn't say I've failed but I wouldn't say that I'm successful either.

I've had chocolate and candy... I blame Mac. He had to buy Almond Joys (I had 4)
I haven't had any biscuits, cookies, cake, donuts, pastries or muffins. (This right here is an accomplishment. I love them ALL)
I haven't had white bread or chips.
I had Wendy's but it was their chili and potato so I don't count it as fast food.
I haven't had peanut butter or ice cream.

So I still have 16 days to make up for it. I probably won't fully succeed in it, but I've done WAY better than if I didn't have something to work at.

We'll see how the rest of the weeks go...

What is your favorite kind of junk?


  1. Um, lets see...bread, chocolate, pastries, chips...I could go on and on, I love it all!!!

  2. I would definitely fail at this!



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