Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures of me & the family

I have spent WAY too much online today and haven't accomplished very much besides snacking too much, playing random facebook games,beating level 3 in Angry Birds,reading Blogs and had 2 Mudslides..all before 8pm (I did make chicken & rice soup) .

Since I'm still new here I thought I'd post some pics (because who doesn't like pictures?!)  

Also I figured I would do a "ask me anything" entry that I'll answer this weekend.  This will help you get to know me better :) So ask away


Engagement Pics (2007)

Some Family Pics:
A favorite picture of me & my grandpa...and then me in the same spot 22 years later 
My dad & I...Florida 2010
 The family dog
 My mom


  1. Love the engagement pictures!!

  2. Love that you are a Jersey girl...I was too...grew up and lived there for 12 years! Cute engagement pictures too!

    Liesl :)



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