Friday, January 14, 2011

Low carb diet?

Hello ladies :-)

I am again writing from my iPhone even though my laptop is on my lap. I tend to get distracted on my laptop.

Anyway..I have just recently gotten myself on the workout band wagon (yes, it was a resolution) and have gone at least 3x a week for the last two weeks. I eventually want to start going
5x a week (Sunday-Thursday).

Sunday is trainer/30 min cardio, Monday is 30 minute cardio and circuit, Tuesday 30 minutes cardio and trainer, Wednesday 60 minutes cardio and Thursday 30 minute cardio and one workout that trainer and I normally would do. I'm hoping if I keep that up for a while it'll help tone me up.

going to the gym really isn't my issue, it's my eating habits lately. I want nothing but carbs and I'm not sure why. I'm thinking about trying a semi low-carb diet for a few weeks.

do you have any diet suggestions, recipes, tips? I'm open to it all.

I'm starting to get tired so I
must go to bed. enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. Hey! You don't have an email open publicly, so I couldn't respond to your comment! Diesel is a pit bull! The sweetest little baby ever! Haha! Hope you're having a good weekend!

  2. Anytime I try and get back on anything, I do a few day transitional period so it isn't such a 'shock' to my body particular with things like carbs. For example if you eat 3 meals a day, for the first 2 days cut out carbs of 2 meals. The next 2 days cut carbs out of 2 meals. And then progress into full blown carb free!



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