Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 8: Healthy Snacks

I LOVE snacking.  While not all my snacks are healthy (like those FOUR snickerdoodle cookies I ate the other day), I do for the most part try not to eat junk.

I like doing 100 calorie snacks (Although I usually just do the regular boxes and throw them into snack size ziplock bags. I think it's cheaper), fresh fruit w/peanut butter, fruit cups, pudding cups and even occasionally a pb&j sandwich if I'm super hungry.

I cannot wait to read everyone else's snacks and get more ideas.

Days Left:
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Day 11:  What are you Looking Forward to in 2011


  1. Great idea with those 100 calorie snacks...I love those! :)

  2. I tagged you on my blog with the Versatile Blog Award! Congrats :)



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