Saturday, January 8, 2011

The missing ring

That picture is very similar to my engagement ring.  It was passed down to Mac from my mom.  It was my grandmother's.  Grandma & Grandpa would of been married 50+ years by now.  When I got the ring, I took it as a good sign and that hopefully it would bring us as much love and happiness as they had while they were married.

Well...I went to the gym on Monday night and I take off all my jewelry because I don't like when rings turn, or necklaces move up and down while I'm running on the treadmill.  So I took off the ring, and my bracelet.  I slid the ring onto bracelet and closed the clasp.  After that I put it in my wallet so I could easily find it later.  Or so I thought.  I didn't think anything of it on Tuesday since I'm off of work and pretty much stayed in pj's all day.  Last night I went to put everything back on..only I can't find it.  I think I lost my engagement ring!  My Grandmother's ring!! I'm so sad and upset with myself.  It could be anywhere from Mac's car to the gym parking lot..Anywhere.  I have very little hope that it'll turn up.

Send good wishes that it shows up...

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