Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

This week I'm loving:
  • That I only work 3 more days this week and then I'm off until the 5th.
  • That Friday we're going to a local restaurant to see our friend Kim & Adam on TLC's 4 Weddings

(Kim is the 3rd bride with pink flowers)
  • That we have cable & internet set up in the new place already
  • That despite having to move Sunday, we're still having friends over on Saturday night for New Years the new place (no cable in the old place)
  • That we're moving Sunday!
  • That we won't have to hide Sir anymore
  • And as always Mac & Sir
What are you loving? Go link up!


  1. Good luck moving & how exciting that your friend was on 4 Weddings! Hope your day is fantastic!

  2. Awesome that your friends were on 4 Weddings! Love that show. And that you are about to be off work for that long. I'm off now and don't go back until Tuesday. Loving it! So great that you're moving this weekend. I know you are excited!

  3. Four Weddings?! I love that show!!! So fun that you have a friend on it.

  4. Four Weddings?! THAT IS SO EXCITING! I'll definitely have to check that out and get all excited because I know who it is! I hope she wins - let us know! And, I'm so excited you had a great Christmas!



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