Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas time blues

I'm having a hard time getting in the mood for Christmas this year.  When Mac & I found out we got the apartment we said that we weren't doing Christmas & that our present is the apartment. I accept that.  I don't need presents from him, but I feel bad that I'm not really planning on cooking for Christmas as everything is (or should be) mostly boxed up ready to move. I'm not sure if we're going to spend the day with either family as we both work the next day. Usually we just stay home or go to the movies.  We didn't do expensive gifts for our families. I know everyone understands, but it still stinks. I haven't baked, watched enough Christmas movies and we barely decorated. I'm just sad that the Christmas season is almost over and I haven't done much.

We did get to go see our town lighting two weeks ago. It was short but it was nice.

and one unrelated pic..

how cute is he??

Are you in the Christmas spirit this year?


  1. I have been having a blues filled year, unfortunately. And as much as I love Christmas, I'm actually ready for it to be over and a new year to start. I've heard of a lot of people having the blues this holiday season. It must be in the air!

  2. I am actually more in the Christmas spirit this year than last year. I think it's because this year we get to stay home instead of the tiring traveling. I hope you are able to get in the spirit soon. :)

  3. i totally felt like this last year....just make it your mission to Christmas up the whole next 6 days! get some peanut butter cookies and shove a hershey kiss in them, grab a pointsetta and a pine-scentled candle and record as much ABC Family and Hallmark channel as you can! Merry Christmas ;)

    XO, A

  4. I know what you mean. I feel like that this year. I've been so busy with school and the hubs has been so busy for work that we've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Hope your holidays are great no matter how you spend them :)



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