Thursday, December 15, 2011

So many things to do..

So little time..

In the next 16 days we need to:

  • Finish packing
  • Paint the new apartment
  • Clean the old apartment
  • Enjoy Christmas Eve/Day
  • Finish getting everything we need for the apartment
  • Have cable, electric and gas turned on
  • Work an obscene amount of hours
  • Rent a U-haul
  • Have friends over for New Years Eve (should be interesting!)
  • Find time to sleep.

The only thing that is keeping me a little sane is that come 12/31 I'm off until 1/5. Maybe I'll have the house settled by the 2nd and can relax the 3rd?

Do you work well under pressure?
Have you ever moved w/less than a month's notice?

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