Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big News!

That's right.  This family of 2 (3 if you count Sir) are moving 1.4 miles from where we are now.  We've been here a little over 4 years and are finally outgrowing this place.  The new place is a bit bigger with a nicer layout and a HUGE closet.  We put a portion of the deposit down on Monday. We move in January 1st 2012.  I'm so excited. Best part is we no longer have to hide Sir.  Here's the ONLY pics I have of the place, but do not worry, there will be plenty once we get in and as we move.

I will say I am sad about leaving this place:

It was mine & Mac's first apartment together.  We've had many fights in this place, many laughs with friends and family, but we've also had some tough times in this place.  3 layoff, several close family/friends passing in a short time span.  I'm hoping a move in the beginning of the year means only good things are going to happen. Maybe 2012 will be our year.

Hopefully we'll stay here for a few years and hopefully the next time we move it'll be into a house or a 2 bedroom apartment. 



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