Friday, October 21, 2011

Smiling dog

I'm sorry but smiling dogs are just creepy.  Sir does it quite often and to be honest it freaks me out. Mac thinks it's cute...

Need some examples?

(that's our dog for anyone that's new here)

I feel like they might as well have doggie dentures like these guys:

Does your dog smile? Does it creep you out a little?


  1. Haha yes my dogs smile and it is a little creepy, but cute!

  2. Hahahaha. I don't think that any of ours smile. I think it's pretty cute, though!!

  3. LOL! That is just too funny. My pup doesn't smile, he just looks like he is thinking all the time. Sometimes I feel like he is just going to start talking to me..& if that happened. That is the day I would get rid of him! hahahaha!!



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