Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow aftermath

So I didn't get stuck at work last night.  I wasn't able to leave early because it took Mac an hour & a half to get from his job to mine.  It's okay because we rescheduled most of our customers for another day and just sat around. We don't make our techs work in really bad weather. 

We made out pretty good here. No power outages, no tree damage and we even got dinner at Applebee's. It was the only thing open since we were under a state of emergency. Only downside to this, is that Sir has been at the dog sitter's since Friday morning.  Her street was too bad to go & get him last night.

We got about 10 inches after it was all done.  It still looks like Fall.. 

This snow has made me want to listen to Christmas music (which I may or may not be doing as I write this) and watch Christmas movies (which I'll refrain from doing for a little while longer!)

If you got hit by this storm, how bad did you get it?


  1. BURRRRRR!!!!!! Snow before Halloween... that's just crazy!!

  2. We hardly ever get any snow here, so I couldn't imagine getting it in October!!!

  3. holy cow look at that snow! reminds me of michigan!!!!! so glad I am living in myrtle beach for a few months of this winter so I don't have to deal with it just yet!

    thanks for entering the giveaway, visiting my blog and following along!

  4. I just seriously cannot believe that!!!!!! It is 77 degrees here today!!! It's flippin hot!!!



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