Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesdays & that's so Pinteresting Wednesdays

WILWLink up with Jamie!

This week I'm loving:

- That I had a girls night last night with a former co-worker & close friend. 

-That it's one day closer to the weekend

-That I have off this weekend.

-Season 5 of Army Wives finally made it to Netflix

-That we're going apple picking this weekend!

-As always I'm loving Mac & the furbaby.

Linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! 


  1. Inposted the same cookie dough Pic lol. And I love the break up with stress sign!

  2. is that last pin cookie dough!? omg.
    i want it. right now.

  3. Oh I love that idea for nail polish!! I need to get some fun glitter in my life. Have a great WEdnesday!! :)

  4. Hey girlfriend,

    I just wanted to say thank you for that sweet comment on my blog yesterday and for that tea recipe your family uses. Guess what? I actually tried it this morning per your suggestion :) I had all the ingredients at home so decided why not. I'm so sick of this cold!

    PS-I couldn't directly respond to your comment b/c you dont have your email listed on your Blogger profile. If you want to add it so you aren't a noreply blogger comment, go to your profile settings and add your email address. It should show up under your picture when people search for you along with your webpage. Hope that helps.


  5. I haven't been to Outback in forever, but I love that place. And I am so jealous of your apple picking!

  6. Oh I so love the FB pin...this is so true. I have to share this with friends who actually do this. It annoys me so much. Hahaha!



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