Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why we haven't gotten married

Lately a lot of people have asked why Mac & I haven't gotten married yet. We've been together almost 7 years and engaged almost 5. Most people find it odd that we're in no hurry to "tie the knot". I feel like I owe an explanation on why we haven't done it..yet.

Our reasons:

  • We just don't see the point in getting a piece of paper to 'complete' our relationship. We have been together for (almost) 7 years and we feel married. We plan to be together forever, but we just don't see why getting that on paper really matters.
  • We feel that once couples get married things turn sour. We've been together so long & things this way are great. I feel like if we got married, things would start turning bad for us. 
I believe in long term commitment not necessarily marriage.  It will happen one day, but not anytime soon. I think once we have kids it would be the right thing to do, but for right now, we're happy exactly how we are.  

ps. When we do get married. It will be on a beach & will look similar to this! <3

What are your thoughts on long term commitments vs. marriage?


  1. Do whats best for you guys! If it aint broke dont fix it is my thoughts! Oh and when you do get married on that beach I will be there!

  2. My husband and I were together for five years before we got married. I just say, do what you want to do. Who cares what other people say or think. Everyone should live their life the way they know best. Such a cute pic of you guys! And that beach weddding will look fantastic.

  3. Do you, girl! People can be so nosy and pushy! I think if your relationship works for you guys, it shouldn't matter what others think.

  4. always do what is best for you :) I don't think being scared that things will change is a good reason not to get married, though. Taking that jump is part of the fun, I would think :) There are a few good books about love languages to read about couples before marriage and after marriage to help keep the relationship healthy and smooth. Not sure what your faith is but they work well with any one :D REGARDLESS though only you can tell you what is best for your relationship and I wish ya'll the happiest of years ♥

  5. What is right for you the two of you is all that matters, don't let todays 'definitions' define your relationship! bottom line is, your BOTH happy where you are and that is ALL that matters!



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