Wednesday, July 18, 2012

11 Things you can only get away with in Summer Guest Post

So I'm on vacation this week. Not a fun trip vacation though..more like cleaning the house, prepping to paint (yes 7 1/2 months AFTER moving in, we're getting ready to paint) and spending time with Mac & the pup. I've decided to only post a couple days this week & have some lovely ladies fill in for me the rest. My first guest is Nikki. <3 her.  Enjoy reading and go show her some love!

Hi Just a Jersey Girl friends! I am Nikki and I blog over at My Life My Way

When Jamie asked me to guest post for her while she is on vacation immediate reaction was 


Then I was like

OH SHIT what am I gonna write about?  

Then as luck would have it I was flipping through the July issue of Glamour and I was struck with it! 

Eleven Things You Can Only Get Away With in Summer. 

1. Dating a guy who, face it, you've never actually seen with his shirt on.
Now while I can not say I have done this I have known people who have done this and from what they tell me they DO NOT have any regrets for doing this. 

2. Trashy novels, now totally justifiable as "beach reads."
50 Shades of Grey. Enough said.

3. Happily reducing your beauty routine to a ponytail, a pedicure, and a wax.
Yeah I totally do this on a daily basis unless I have a wedding or something to go to then I will add in a little more. When I say little I mean little usually I just add in some eye liner and mascara. 

4. Using an ice cube as a sex toy. Burrr!
Can't say that I have done this. Or maybe I have? YOU my friends will never know. 

5. A really big, crazy-lady straw hat.
I don't think that there is one of us who don't have something like this.

6. Blasting Katy Perry in your car loud enough to get stares.
I have personally been blasting "Call me, Maybe"

7. Shimmer. Everywhere.
Ah good old shimmer. Who else has got it ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE?

8. "Baby, your such a good griller. You cook tonight!"
Now IF  I had a "Baby" to pawn off cooking on I would so be all over this! Own it girls! 

9. A shopping list that reads: yogurt, fruit, Carona.
Mine is more like fruit, fruit, and more fruit. Oh and some Sushi.

10. Going just a little blonder than you should.
Yeah been there done that! 

11. Frizz, sweat, bug bites, peeling. Whatever, you still  look hotter than you did in January.

Happy Summer Ladies!

Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

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