Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So Sir was bit twice by another pit. You can read about it here & here. Animal control deemed the dog a juvenile and trainable dog. The owners got the dog back. Most people would train their dog to be better or get rid of them. These people did neither.  So let's fast forward to Saturday.  Mac, Sir & I are arriving home after a nice time at the dog park.  We come to turn into our lot & see 2 police cars and animal control in front. When cops or animal control are here it's usually for 1 family. So I emailed the superintendent to see what happened. She emailed me back on Sunday to say:

"The word on the street is that Gotti in fact bit the child of a family to see about getting one of the puppies. The child was bitten in the neck & needed surgery to have it repaired. The dog was taken by animal control and will be put down. Hopefully we will have no more worries about Gotti attacking anyone but it's a shame a child had to get hurt before animal control did something about it."

I am so glad that Gotti won't be here anymore. I feel horrible what happened to the child. No dog should ever be put down as I do believe with another family he may have been able to be trained to be nicer, but I do think it's too late for him. It was only a matter of time before something happened to someone else or another dog.

It's reason like this my dog gets a bad reputation..
That's Blondie. She a year old Pit mix. Sir was giving her kisses <3


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  2. That is so upsetting!! All that could have been avoided if they took action when Gotti bit your dog. What a shame. I'll keep the little girl and her family in my prayers. At least now you don't have to worry about your own safety as well.

  3. I'm relieved for you and your pups but devastated at the news of the little girl. Hopefully she will have no further complications.



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