Thursday, June 7, 2012

The time the dog got attacked (part 2)

So remember when Sir was attacked by another pit? Well guess who was attacked again? My poor baby boy. 2 almost 3 weeks ago, I took Sir outside to wait for Mac to come home. I started walking him towards the street and when i saw the 2 pits I decided to turn around for some reason (I call it fur-mama's intuition!) and as we were walking up our steps to go in, I turned around & the dog was right there latched onto Sir. Sir was crying bloody murder & I was screaming for help. Lucky for me, the landlord was outside doing yard work, he came over and somehow separated the dogs. Animal control was here, so were the cops. The guy who owns the dog is...lets say someone who shouldn't own dogs and isn't someone who is easy to deal with...without wanting to scream.  He says if he was home this wouldn't of happened (his son was outside with the dogs drinking...apparently the dog doesn't like him drinking he says?). He is paying all the vet bills, but isn't even close to being done.

This time it's a lot worse. See for yourself..

The vets office had to shave him to see how bad the wounds were.

Being shaved resulted in a cone...

He was given a weeks worth of antibiotics. 

He had a follow up visit on Thursday. They wound up draining one of the bites. They got 2 1/2 vials of blood. He's on another weeks worth of stronger antibiotics and pain med. They want him back in 2 weeks and if it's not healing, they're talking surgery. :( We're so about this and don't know how we would be handling if this was our child (well sir is our fur child but you know what I mean). 

Right side is where it's swollen (this was 2 days on antibiotics & pain med 6.2.12)
Right above the tail is where it's swollen...

The dog was quarantined, but animal control isn't working in our favor. They deemed the dog juvenile but trainable. Supposedly the dog will be back here June 13th. The landlords are doing all they can to get him not to stay. We're thinking of taking the guy to small claims court to just get the payment faster, especially if he needs surgery.

If you have an aggressive dog MUZZLE him. This guy & us wouldn't be going through this if he had his dog muzzled and under control. What if it was a child that plays right near where it happened or the little Boston Terrier that lives across from me? It would of been way worse for this guy and up until now, we were nice to him...I think that's about to change.



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