Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogger meet up!

I finally met my first blogger friend on Saturday! I got to meet Nikki from My Life, My Way. We've been talking since last Summer and we were finally both free at the same time so she came up by me. Now usually bloggers always take lots & lots of pics while they're together to prove they really met & to show the fun stuff they did. Nikki brought her camera & proclaimed she was going to be "that blogger & document it all." Camera never left her bag...and she took one pic....
This one...

My toast & how the diner buttered it.

Being that we're Jersey Girls,we went to a diner for breakfast & then went shopping at where else? Target. After that I took her to a semi-local fruit stand.  That was it. It was a short visit, but it wasn't awkward like I feared...and she wasn't a serial killer which is always a plus lol. (Nikki-next time we must check into 4square LOL)

I couldn't of had a better blogger meet up experience & we're already planning our next visit.  I see a long term friendship coming out of this (as long as feelings are mutual lol)


  1. Blogger fail! LOL! At least we finally got to meet face to face! Yes 4 square everything next time for sure! Also the feeling is mutual I see a long term friendship coming out of this for sure!

  2. Sounds like you had fun so glad you finally got to meet!

  3. Haha that is such a sad piece of buttered toast!



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