Thursday, March 8, 2012

My poor boy

My poor dog was attacked by another pitbull last night. We were walking in our complex when all of a sudden this dog came around the corner, ran towards sir and latched on to Sir. I have never heard such a scream come out of him. This dog held on for a couple of minutes before the owner was able to get him off my dog.

Other neighbors came out and tried to get him off of sir. Finally it was over. Luckily the neighbors near our apartment is a vet tech and was able to look over him. Another neighbor petted him and gave him a chicken jerky strip.

I called animal control after all was said & done. They'll be intouch in the next few days. Something needs to be done. This guy CANNOT control either of his dogs. There's a lot of people here that have said the same thing about him and those dogs.
It's guys like him that give pitbulls a bad reputation. If you know your dog is unfriendly, muzzle him or tell people he's not friendly. This guy is constantly bringing the dog near us. As much as i would love to blame the dog,I cant.

I was very proud of our boy though. He didn't fight back and looks good on our part. He's a lover, not a fighter. Sir has a vet appointment later to check if he's ok. I'll write more on it soon.

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