Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Update

I don't have much fun stuff to talk about that happened this weekend, but it'll be an update regardless.

Friday I worked until 5pm & then we went to Barnes & Noble for a while. We were waiting to see if the rain would go away so we could go to the fair's dollar opening night. I was supposed to meet up with Nikki, but it was raining buckets by her, so she didn't come.  Eventually Mac & I made it to the fair

Saturday I worked til 6 (supposed to be til 5 but someone called out) and then we went & met Nikki  at the fair.  We once again took NO pictures with each other. We will be taking pictures in Florida when we go in 50ish days! We're bad at documenting our meets. I promise you, we've met!

Sunday we were LAZY! I'm talking plopped our butts on the couch and didn't move until we met my dad for dinner.  

It was a pretty quiet weekend, but pretty good as well. 

I also dyed my hair. As much as I loved my highlights it was too much upkeep so I dyed it back to my semi-natural color

That's all I got for today. Happy Monday

7th anniversary: 22 days
No work for a week: 22 days
Potential NJ blogger meet up: 26 days
Vacation to Florida with Nikki: 54 days


  1. How was the fair???? Also, I am excited for blogger meetup!

  2. Just a few countdowns going. Just a FEW. LOL!



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