Friday, July 15, 2011

6 Year Anniversary

Mac & I met July 16th 2005 at a bowling alley.  I was with my friend Krystina, and Mac was with our friend Fred.  At first glance I thought he was cute, but didn't think anything of it since I was still kind of wanting to be with my on again/off again boyfriend or whatever he was.  So the 4 of us decided on KFC for dinner. I wound up paying for everyone that night somehow. After dinner we went to the liquor and then back to Fred's house to drink and play truth or dare & darts. After drinking a bit, I went to the window for some cool air and mac came and sat by me and we talked about different things. Fast forward a few hours and we were in Fred's kitchen making out.  Krystina didn't feel well so she left and I decided to stay behind and have Fred take me home the next day.  Fred went to bed and we kept talking. 7 am comes around and his mom calls him. He has to leave to bring her to I decided to go with him. Left my purse at Fred's, so he knew I was coming back. It was pretty awkward meeting his mom 12 hours after meeting him. So after that we hung out at his place and then went back to Freds.  Later we exchanged #'s and AOL screennames.  We talked online a lot and decided that we'd go on a real date where he paid. July 30th was our official date.  We went to see Stealth at the theatre, went to Quick Chek for sandwiches and then went to West New York, NJ to walk and see the skyline (told him my dream date was dinner, movie & a walk on the beach so he did the best he could to make it happen). We've been together pretty much ever since.  He told me loved me several weeks after we started dating, I said it back several weeks after that. We got engaged 12/25/2006 in my bedroom of my old apartment at 2am while I was wrapping presents. Was it how I thought I'd be proposed to? Absolutely not. Would I change it? No. Our relationship is NO where near perfect, but despite our nasty & mean fights, we love each other and  want to spend our lives together and have children.  We've gone through a lot together.  Death, loss of jobs, money issues, depression. If we can make it through all that (and that's just in the last 6 months!) we can make it through anything
Unfortunately we won't be together to celebrate due to him working in Pennsylvania, but we'll make up for it.  So here is a look at some of our 6 years together.  (One thing I notice is that I'm almost always on the left in pics!)
 (first pic ever)
 most recent pic (I swear he was happy here!!)
 (last years anniversary photo)
 (anniversary pic take 2)
 (one of our engagement pics)
 (may be one of my favorite pics despite my paleness)

(i took a few month hiatus, but I'm hoping to start back up here!)

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  1. Love is so amazing! Cherish that love between you two & it will last for years to come.



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