Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1.   One of my happiest moments ever was  when Mac proposed, even though it wasn't one of those romantic proposals that every little girl dreams of but it fit us perfectly

2.  Summer is wedding season and weddings are  fun as long as you know more people than the happy couple, otherwise it's just awkward.

3.  This summer  has flown by and I cannot believe it's almost August!

4.  My summer food of choice has been fruits, cherries mostly.

5.  My summer uniform has been  skirts or dresses mostly....that may or may not be because my pants are a little snug...

6.  If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose   Dominican Republic with Mac's family.  He hasn't been "home" in 10+ years (he came to the US at 6 months old)

7.  My summer anthem is  anything fast paced...California Girls by Katy Perry jumps into my head right now. But Beach Boys is pretty high up there too..

I believe this is my first Fill in the Blank Friday. Hopefully I can keep up with them. They're just so fun.

Head over to The Little Things We Do & participate!

Yay it's Friday (or will be when you read this)! Too bad I work tomorrow, but the temperatures in NJ are going to be well over 100 degrees, so I'll be in the (free) AC at work. What are your weekend plans? Hope they're better than mine!


  1. I love cherries! they're just so different than anything else out there & you only get them for a short time every year. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Summer isn't complete without tons of fruit! Have you ever tried freezing our cherries and then eating them? My Grandma always used to do that when we were little - they make for the best snack on a hot day!

    Stopping by from FTLOB!

  3. Wow me and cherries and summertime...fantastic friends. Great blog, I'm a new follower!

  4. Hello fellow Jersey Girl! :D Stoppin' by via Comment Love.

    Gotta love the cherries, but I'm more of a strawberry girl (and Jersey Blueberries!)

  5. I definitely agree--weddings are super awkward and lonely if you don't know anyone else there!
    I can't believe it's almost August, either. I'm gearing back up for the school year, but it still feels like I AT LEAST have another few weeks.



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