Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesdays

I've seen this around a few blogs and since I'm "new" to the blogging scene, I figured I would do a few of these each week ( What I'm loving Wednesday, Fill in the Blank Friday, etc) and try & make some new friends. So here's what I'm loving from this week:

These shoes:

All via

I'm loving that one of my neighbors & I talked for two hours the other night.  He knows that the boy works out of state 5 days a week and that I don't drive. He left me his phone # in case I ever had an emerengcy or needed a ride somewhere. He's the nice "old" man as Mac & I call him since we never knew (remembered) his name. It's nice to know people are still nice in this world.

I'm loving that in exactly one month I will be on my vacation. Nothing really planned, maybe Six Flags or a zoo trip, but I'm okay with it and can't afford anything other than that. Staycations can be nice and relaxing.

I love that Mac puts up with me & allows me to post like this to facebook AND tag him in it

And as always, I'm loving my family & friends.
Mom had surgery on her foot on Monday, please wish for a quick recovery!

 Join in and tell me what YOU'RE loving


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