Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Update

So I originally had my friend Ashley going with me to the wedding but at last minute (and as in last minute I mean 30 minutes before we had to LEAVE), she bailed. She couldn't find the dress she was going to wear. I was pretty mad. I mean why are you getting ready 30 minutes before you had to go? I had a feeling she'd bail but I thought she would of been nicer and bailed in the morning, but apparently not. So I like a crazy woman ran outside with heels and capris on and told mac he was coming. He wasn't thrilled, but he obliged. Made it to the ceremony with 3 minutes to spare before it started. Other than that drama it was a nice night. For food we had pasta primavera (sp?), ceasar salad, filet mignon & roasted peppers with red velvet wedding cake. There was a candy bar which was DELICIOUS and the wedding was very interactive. We wound up winning the center piece which was flowers in a glass vase filled with shells. It was over by 11. Overall it was a nice night minus the bit of drama. Now everyone asks me when we plan on getting married or does it make us want to plan a wedding. The answer? Not right now...

I didn't get to take a lot of good pictures because everytime we tried to a camera man got in the way...i figured I'd steal other peoples and watch it all on Four Weddings LOL

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