Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I thought I could hold out a bit longer before coming back, but I really do miss writing. I've been reading everyone I follow, just not noting.  I decided I would join Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week I'm loving:

  • Weight Watchers. I signed up 2 weeks ago & so far have lost 4 pounds. Not much to most of you, but I haven't lost 4 pounds so quickly in forever. I love being able to eat whatever and just count points. It's not as depressing eating a cookie now :)
  • New friends from our apartment complex. We met our neighbor Cindy the other day after she asked Mac & Sir to stay outside while her ex came to pick some things up from her. She was worried to be alone with him. Afterwards we sat & talked for a few hours.  We gave her 2 sons our old playstation 2 since her ex took the wii back.  We have big summer plans.  Barbecuing in her little yard and having a little table & chair set to sit out and relax in. 

($97 at walmart!)
  • That we'll be going to the NY International Auto Show on Sunday.  We try to go every year or every other.

Autoshow 2007

  • That we've been leaving Sir out of the cage most days while we're at work.  He has a little area near our bathroom & bedroom that we leave him in.  He's done wonderfully the last week with the exception of one day but that was my fault.

What he did when I left the bedroom open...oops?

  • Instagram. 
I've been complaining since it came out for apple only, but now us android users are finally part of it. Now I'm not jealous anymore of all you iPhone users ;) Come follow me @ justajerseygirl

  • Beach Party candle by Yankee Candle. These little ones will let me enjoy the candle without paying $27 for their large (although I may eventually!)

As always loving Mac & Sir

What are you loving this week??


  1. We went to the Auto Show last Saturday. Amazing!

  2. I've been loving Instagram too. It's just so much fun :) and Weight Watchers is great! It really works!

    have a great Wednesday!

  3. I haven't tried out Instagram, but I have been hearing a lot about it, on blogs and even GMA. I just may have to check it out! Hoping you have a fantastic Wednesday:)



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