Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Update

Good Morning!
  While most of you are at work, I'm off today. Lovely way to start a Monday, I know. Don't be too jealous because I'm working straight through the week til next Monday. Sucks, I know! Anyway, while Mac & the pup are sleeping I figured I'd post here before I get up and ready for the day.

Saturday I worked until 3 & then took the bus home. Afterwards Mac wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate him no longer having car payments (until he decides he wants a new guess it'll only be a few months that he's car payment free lol) So we went to Outback & then decided against that when the wait time was an hour & a half. Everyplace we went had a long wait, so we went to Taco Bell (lol). Afterwards we hit up subway because I HAD to have dessert and wanted cookies so that's what we did. Mac went out with his bff after our little date.I myself had an evening with the internet & the pup.

Yesterday we got up, got dressed and headed into NYC to go to the NY International Auto Show. It's seems to be tradition for us.  We got there around 2 and walked around til 7 (note to time wear sneakers!) then we left in search of food.  Before getting actual food, we stopped at Crumbs & split a cupcake. A chocolate covered Strawberry one to be exact :) We stopped at a little place called salt & pepper . They had pizza, Indian food, Spanish food and other varieties.  We got rice & beans with a beef stew type of meal. It was DELICIOUS. Best $10 Mac spent on me in a while ;) We got our food to go,found a little table outside to eat at & people watched for a bit. We walked around after just to walk off some food and get some roasted nuts from the street venfor. We were home to Sir by 10 and I was in bed by 11:30.

Today we plan on taking the pup to a park that's a few minutes away from the house, so he can run & we can enjoy this lovely 90* Spring Summer day. Pics to follow on that :)

Enjoy your Monday!

Pics L-R 
Row 1. a Sunset on my way to work the other morning
b. Kicking my feet up on the bus.
c. Date night outfit.
Row 2. a. Puppy love.
b. Momma's boy for sure.
c. Au-natural before coffee
Row 3. a. NYC outfit
b. 1st pic in NYC
c. Car show

More NYC pics :)

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