Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rest in Peace Nanny- 1 year later

When I was about to be a freshman in High school, dad & I were at my Aunt's for Sunday dinner.  Like every Sunday we'd call Nanny and talk to her.  She was telling me she couldn't believe I was about to be in high school.  She told me that before I knew it, I would be graduating high school, be in college and then be married with kids.  Being 14 I didn't believe her.  Now it's 13 years later and I can say she was right.  Those years FLEW by.  

That being said, it's been a year since she's passed away.  We weren't close.  I saw her once, maybe twice a year.  She was my last grandparent.  I do miss her though. We might not have been close, but she would still send me checks & cards for holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving).  She would also send coupons in the mail with 5 or 6 bucks thrown in between the coupons (you know so the mail man didn't steal it!)

Rest in Peace Claire "Nanny" Kulik 
June 15th 1929 - March 27th 2011

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