Monday, March 19, 2012

Why we have dogs

We tend to forgive our pets even when they eat our sofa..and there has to be some reason right?

Sometimes I need a reminder on why I have this dog

So here's a list..
1. He sticks his tongue out randomly for no reason.
2. He'll come up to you when you're crying and lick your face.
3. His name is Sir Licks a Lot.
4. He has a shirt that says "I love big mutts and I cannot lie". 
5. He wiggles when you come home.
6. He cuddles next to you when you go to bed..even if he does hog the bed.
7. The way he stares out the window for hours at a time
8. The way he loves you no matter what.

Why do you love your dog?

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