Sunday, February 5, 2012

things that bother me

I apologize for my lack of entries lately. I just have not had a desire to write lately. Life is quiet and I'm not complaining about that. It is how i like it. I will also apologize for the lack of capitalization or any missing apostrophes. I bought a keyboard for my ipad and i cannot figure out where the apostrophe button is.
So while I am sitting here watching the super bowl (aka commercials only) I heard mac slurping his soda and its annoying me so i figured I‘d post a list of other annoying things. i‘m trying to stop doing so many linkups and more actual writing. So here we go!
*People slurping their soda/soup
*TV or Radio louder than whatever I‘m doing
* Gum snappers
*People who rock in their chairs that squeak
*People who click their highliters, pens, markers
*People who give Pitbulls bad reputations. GIVE THEM A CHANCE!
*McDonalds radio commercial about petting a stray pit is riskier than their mcnuggets or whatever.
I could go on, but I‘m choosing not to. I don‘t want to seem like everything annoys me!
So tell me…what bothers you?
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  1. I HATE that McDonalds commercial!

  2. I gave you a blog award!!



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