Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting my blog out there!

I am linking up with Neely @ to get my blog out there! I suggest you do too!

1. Tell us why you blog
I started writing here in the beginning of 2011. There was no reason for it. Simply wanted another place to write. (i have an online diary as well as this blog) I quit shortly after because i felt like no one was reading and bc of my online journal why have two places? i started up again over the summer and Im glad I did. Ive met some nice people off of here. i write so I can try and have a place to look back on our life.

2. Tell us about your blog
I won‘t lie. There are A LOT of link-ups.I‘m trying to get better and write more about my actual life since I want to be able to look back and see how my life was and not what I wanted from Target Tuesdays or what pins I featured on Pinteresting Wednesday!

3. Tell us about you
I am 26, turning 27 on Wednesday (2-15). I live in NJ with my fiance Mac and our furbaby Sir. We‘ve been engaged for several years and don‘t see a wedding in our near future. We‘re liking things the way they are right now and need money for other things. One day there will be a wedding, just not anytime soon. I work as a cable dispatcher and Mac works as a cable installer (different companies...we‘re rivals!!) It is neither of our forever jobs (hope not anyway!). We have been together 6 years, going on 7 come July. I‘m an only child with 2 step-brothers. Ive never met one. he lives in London.

4.Tell us about your favorite activities/hobbies/things to do
I love being outdoors...when it‘s warm! NJ has a lot of botanical gardens and parks so we try to go often. Mac is also part of a car club, so I‘m often with him at those. We like taking trips into NYC and Atlantic City. We don‘t go out often, we‘re quite the homebodies. anything we can do for free is better.

i know you all want pics so here we go;

One of our engagement photos

Mac (who‘s dominican for anyone wondering!) and i with his nephew Anthony. (we look so cute with babies!)

Top pic is me & my grandpa at a local zoo and the bottom is me at the same spot 20 years later!

The furbaby! Sir (short for sir licks a lot! no lie!) who is a pitbull/lab pup

and that is me! Please excuse the no makeup look!

i hope you learned a bit about me and I cannot wait to find some new blogs to read!

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  1. cute blog girl :) you should link up to my blog on friday when we talk about our little furbabies to all other bloggers!

  2. I also feel like my blog is full of too many link ups. I try to incorporate some small details about myself in each of them - but sometimes it's a challenge. I originally started blogging to document my first year of marriage but that has fizzled into 'hey look at how cute my cat is' I mean he's pretty cute - but seriously is that all I've got going on?!



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