Monday, August 6, 2012

Going Gluten Free?

I have clogged ears for what's going on 6 years. I've been to several doctors who either tell me it's seasonal allergies or that its because of the ear plugs I occasionally wear to bed. Usually I'm given a prescription for an allergy med like Allegra-D or Zyrtec & sent on my way.  Well several months ago I was reading up on clogged ears and came to an article that said she gave up Gluten and eventually her ears unclogged themselves. I've googled it over & over and have found several articles saying the same things.   Quite a few people have a gluten allergy and don't even know about it. You could be fine & then one day something inside will trigger it...

Some gluten allergy symptoms include:

Fatigue: although fatigue can be as a result of many other reasons, gluten is mostly associated with it and your body will feel very tired after consuming gluten-containing food.
Weight loss: feeding on foods rich in gluten can reduce your weight drastically.
Unknown and unanticipated weight gain
Abdominal pains
Having problems with your skin including development of rashes and feeling itchy all the time.
Irritability and swing moods
Respiratory problems: mainly your upper respiratory tract can feel like it is blocked thus causing breathing problems
Nausea and vomiting
Watery eyes
Frequent heart burns
Behavioral change
Problems during swallowing
The heart beating at a higher rate
Chest pains
Mac & I can check off quite a few on that list.  I believe that when we go food shopping next time that I will be trying to go gluten free. Even if it's not a gluten allergy, going on a G-Free diet has quite a few benefits.
Do you have any gluten free recipes?. Do you have a gluten allergy?

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