Friday, May 4, 2012

Look I'm writing!!

I'm being summoned by my friend Nikki to write a blog so here I am! I really have no clue what to write about. This may be a random post, but it's better than no post at all right?

I think I'm going to write a list on what bothers me...sound good? Good...

  • Public Transit.  1st...why are there stops on the middle of the highway? Need an example? Here is my stop on my way home from work

X marks the spot where I stand. And I need to CROSS the road first in order to make it there. It's an accident waiting to happen! Luckily I only go there in daylight.
The next public transit thing that bothers me is their timing.  95% of the time they're late. Yesterday (or today as I'm writing this) I had to wait 10 minutes later for one bus & 15 for the other. Bus 1 was late so naturally I missed bus 2 & had to wait an hour! NJ transit better get it together! I know there's traffic & what not, but space your buses out better. Moving on...

The next thing that bothers me is how people are complaining on what Jessica Simpson named her baby. WHO CARES? Is Maxwell Drew odd for a girl? Yes, but once I read how it incorporates family members I thought it was nice.Plus they'll probably never call the baby by the full name anyway.I don't know why it bother people.   What about Apple or Frank Zappa's kids named  Moon Unit and Diva Thin Muffin. I think Maxwell Drew is just fine...If it doesn't affect you, leave the poor woman alone. Let her enjoy her new baby without the criticism. She's getting enough criticism about her weight.

No overtime at my job right now. When I started I worked between 10 & 15 hours of OT a week (if not more. Once I put in 65 hrs!)..LOVED it..and now that I need it, nothing. In fact, if they can they'll throw you out an hour or two early a week. Hoping it picks up soon before I need a new job!

So those are a few things that bother me....what about you, what bothers?

So everyone go & thank Nikki for making me write and follow her while you're there. She was my first blogger friend that I cannot wait to meet one of these days soon (hint hint)

1 comment:

  1. First of all I thank you that you FINALLY posted again.

    Second of all...NJ Transit needs to get their s*it together because thats just straight up all kinds of f*cked up.

    Third of all...soon my friend soon life is finally starting to calm the eff down!



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